Add some Italian style to your quisibeve at home with skills gleaned in our cocktail class with charming Federico Morosi. Our head barman will reveal his own Pellicano twist on classic mixes with a particular emphasis on local ingredients such as the Pellicano Negroni with Chinotto, the myrtle-leaf orange soda made by Italian monks, or the Pellicano Martini with fragrant Mandarinetto.

Wine tasting in our La Cantina cellar is a serious pleasure in this region rich with fine producers. Discussing the effects of terroir and vintage, our sommelier will guide you through a Viaggio in Toscana, tasting four selected Tuscan wines perhaps Morellino, Chianti, Nobile di Montepulciano and Brunello; or a Viaggio in Italia to discover four top Italian labels from Lombardy, Friuli, Campania and Piedmont.

Tastings, for up to four people, are from 5pm to 6pm and are accompanied by a selection of antipasti.