Michelin starred Chef Michelino Gioia (1 Star in the Italy MICHELIN Guide 2023) relishes the bountiful produce of Italy giving individual ingredients due respect, allowing each to stride across your palate with pride.  

Every morning fishermen present their catch at the kitchen door, lamb arrives from Tuscany, T-Bone steaks from Chianina and Chef Gioia grazes the gardens for Mediterranean herbs. He will order some of his favourite ingredients as pigeon, oyster, red mullet, blue lobster and shrimps: all will appear on the menu in gastronomic form.

New dishes to anticipate on Il Pellicano’s menu will include scallops created with pork crackling, creamed potatoes, apple sauce and red wine; the cuttlefish with prawns, almonds and bottarga and fusilloni pasta, scorpion fish and squids.

After dinner a stylish trolley rolls out with slabs of velvety chocolate to be casually chiseled. 

Piano music drifts through the night air brushing elegant shoulders in evening dress, the moon rises into an impossibly large orange orb, fishermen’s lights flicker on the inky bay below seeking out something fresh for the morrow.  

We suggest you to make a reservation in order to secure your table.

A casual-elegant dress code is recommended at both restaurants.