Michelin starred Chef Michelino Gioia casts his eyes over the seas and Mediterranean gardens, the hills and beyond and relishes the harvest, he has a deep respect for the fresh bountiful produce of Italy’s land and sea. 

His menus will be based on three basic pillars: traditional local dishes, products from small local producers and a respect for the season. 

Chef Gioia spent 13 years at Ristorante The Cesar, the famous shore side restaurant at Il Pellicano’s sister hotel La Posta Vecchia. He is renowned for transforming traditional Italian cuisine into a contemporary experience. If he were to create his own three courses it would include tomato avocado and lettuce salad, Fiorentina steak with grilled radicchio, Chocolate soufflé with coconut, banana and lime ice-cream. He is a chef much loved for his consideration of his guests and their culinary interests. With a quiet resolve he creates dishes they will think about long after leaving the table.

His colleagues suggest if Michelino Gioia were a recipe he would be spaghetti with spicy clams, that is to say: soft and gentle but fiercely determined.