The Pelliclub is a delightful place to visit with friends for joyful therapy with an iced cocktail and laughter, somewhere to feel beautiful even before the treatment begins.

Our Pelliclub Director Sandra promises an experience more than skin deep, more about the ‘touch than the cream’, with her team of expert, intuitive therapists.

The ‘cream’ is the pure Italian range, Santa Maria Novella who has been creating, producing and distributing high-end perfumes and cosmetics since 1221. 

There is a caldarium to soothe muscles and lithe limbs, four treatment rooms with private showers, including one for couples. The beauty parlour offers a complete service from manicure to coiffure.

As you leave it is hard to resist an extra treat for yourself from the enticing boutique, colourful and fresh, it is the embodiment of retail therapy.

Working hours: 10:00 - 20:00

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