Style is ever present at Il Pellicano, it streams through the resort and illuminates every corner of the hotel. This is Tuscany’s most fashionable retreat, somewhere to play in the sunlight and sea and bring a glow to your skin.

The boutique is far more individual than your usual, the unique selection for woman and man is personally curated by Italy's tastemaker, Marie-Louise Sciò. The great news for the 2019 has been our collaboration with Birkenstock choose from seven styles designed by Marie-Louise Sciò, naturally they are inspired by Hotel Il Pellicano.

In 2020 we renovated and enlarged the Pelliclub for the new corner of ISSIMO, our new e-commerce and lifestyle platform created by Marie-Louise. Designed as a ‘cabinet’ for Italian excellence, it focuses on the following categories: Bellissimo, artisanal homeware and Italian craftsmanship, Buonissimo, culinary tales product and recipes, Chichissimo, fashion and apparel, Coltissimo, editorials on Italian culture and cultural collaborations, Fichissimo, Pellicano hotels’ souvenir shop, and Italianissimo, the quintessential black book to the Italian regions, penned in a personal take on Italy’s most stylish life in the hands of cultured and curious Italians.

OUR BRANDS: Acheval Pampa, Dianora Salviati, Figue, Jil Sander, James Perse, La Double J, Lisa Corti, Pallas Pampa, On the Island, Pellini, Romantic was Born, Vibi Venezia, Lutz Morris, Zimmermann, Armor Lux, Riviera, Boglioli, Fedeli, Tesi cappelli, Rianna+Nina.

Working hours: 10:00 - 20:00